Crystalline Sound Healing

Alternative Holistic Healthcare

 Transformational Energy Medicine to Awaken Your Body, Mind & Spirit!

What is a session like?

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The sound vibrations of the singing bowls create harmonic patterns of deep resonance at the cellular level, releasing physical and emotional pain.

Crystal Layouts

Singing Bowls 

Relax and enjoy the healing vibrations of crystal grid layouts. Great for bringing you peace and harmony!

Gentle Natural Renewing 

Sally Page is a medical intuitive who works with quantum energy medicine and sound healing. She offers a relaxing natural healing experience with Beautiful Sounds as the Soothing Healing Energies Harmonize Your Body, Mind & Spirit. Sally uses scientific protocols and innate insight to guide your natural healing process. The healing wisdom flows from her unique blend of intuitive experience with Sound Healing, the BodyTalk System, Avesa Quantum Healing, Quantum Touch and EFT. This holistic approach allows you to enjoy the soothing energy as it transforms pain and suffering into harmony and healing. Schedule an appoint for your personal experience with the soothing vibrations of Singing Bowls. Just click onSchedule Appointment on the menu bar above!