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Access Your Heart Wisdom!

You are Invited to a workshop that offers practices enabling you to respond to stress and challenges with greater clarity, emotional balance, and heart awareness. This practice will open your heart to a deeper level of intuition.

Medical Intuitive Sound Healer, Sally Page, offers a unique and powerful combination to ignite greater heart wisdom in practical life situations. Bringing together Alchemical Singing Bowls with HeartMath’s Resilience TrainingTM, you will experience a greater depth of heart awareness and inner calmness.

You will walk away with concrete practices that increase your ability to shift to a more coherent and composed state before, during, and after challenging situations, thus maximizing mental clarity, intuition, and emotional stability. Open yourself to more positive attitudes and perceptions of life through greater heart awareness. The peace and clarity you gain through meditation is accessible in daily life situations.  Allow the beautiful supportive sounds of singing bowls and resilience practices to take you to a deeper level of heart guidance, intuition and clarity.