Crystalline Sound Healing

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Transformational Energy Medicine to Awaken Your Body, Mind & Spirit!

Avesa Quantum Healing

Crystalline Energy of Love

Avesa is a healing energy of crystalline dimensions offering a system that shifts and heals your chakra flow with infinite light using Egyptian healing rods and crystalline pyramids.You will learn the powerful Avesa breath which will shift your consciousness and energy. Avesa is the energy of Divine Love and Light offering a very high frequency for greater alignment with your infinite spirit. 

Mountainside Healing Center

Your Private Session with Sally

Unwind in the peace of nature at Sally's mountainside healing center. This is a tranquil place where you can relax, listen and align with the joy that makes your heart sing. Sound Healing and Quantum Energy Medicine will meet your unique needs for your greater health, harmony and balance. Sally uses scientific protocols and innate insight to guide your natural healing process. The healing wisdom flows with her unique blend of intuitive experience with Sound Healing, the BodyTalk System, Avesa Quantum Healing, Quantum Touch and EFT. Experience what sound healing can do for you schedule your appointment today!

Sound Healing 

Bring patterns of harmony through vibrations of harmony

To the human eye your body appears solid. In quantum physics it is mostly space with aspects of energy, vibration and consciousness that appear solid. Sounds offer vibrations that clear, realign and bring patterns of harmony to the patterns of your cells. This vibrational shift allows your body to release disharmony of mental, emotional and physical pain enabling you to healing naturally.