Tuning Forks


Tuning forks send specific frequencies right where there are needed for optimal results. There are tuning forks for the heart, different parts of the brain and even sets like the solfeggio frequencies from fibonacci sequience.

Cymatic Vibration Patterns 

Reorganizing with the Harmony of Sound

The dynamic patterns that form in resonance with sound waves from the crystal Lyre or singing bowls are cymatics. These healing patterns that surround and you and flow through you. Shifting the patterns of stress your body and to beautiful patterns of harmony within your bodies cells. As Patterns of harmony and balance resonate within you feel better!.

Alchemical Singing Bowls

The Healing Energy of Minerals, Gemstones and Metals

Every substance such as gems, minerals, metals have unique frequencies. When these substances are formed into singing bowls the sound of the bowl carries healing vibrations of its componets. When the sound waves interact with you, the vibration pattern in your cells shift to a new pattern with the sound wave. This allows your cells to release, clear and reset in a very simple and powerful way! These are beautiful patterns of harmony that bring harmony and healing to you!

Sound ~ Vibration~ Frequency ~ Energy

The soothing subtle energy of sound will travel through you with relaxing healing waves that vibrate within the cells of your body releasing and renewing. The gentle flow of sound waves aligns your mental, emotional and physical body with greater clarity and harmony.